Well, htc (which used to be a contract manufatuer, it made my Dell Axim x51v for example), announced the Touch Diamond and Touch Pro (I don’t really care for the Titanium/Dual Pro) on May 6th. Its not that I just found out, in fact I knew it was coming, so I rushed to my computer to see some high-resolution shots of the Diamond after getting home. Of course, I only thought about posting this today. The leaked photos dont do it justice!

Well? What do I think, you ask?

just search “htc Touch Diamond” on Google or Yahoo or whatever. you can even go to htc.com and watch some viedos showing it off.

It even has an accelerometer so that when you flip it, it automatically rotates the screen. Sound familiar Apple?

Personally, I’d like the Raphael (htc Touch Pro) better. I especially want something with a keyboard. But then again, I don’t think the Touch Pro has the 4 gigs of memory that the Touch Diamond has. Whatever, I don’t listen to that much music anyway.

Unfortunately, my cell phone contract ends in June, when the Touch Diamond (no mention of the touch pro_ comes out in the UK. The Diamond will hit the US probably around September, and there’s no chance I’ll be able to get my hands on it. So I’ll probably end up with the Touch Pro’s predecessor the TyTN II (Titan Two). I can probably live with its missing video drivers for a year…