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Development of hybridoma cell lines includes three phases.  Viro Dynamics will
consult with customers at each phase.  In order to minimize the expenses for our
customers, a project can be stopped at any Phase on consultation with Viro
Dynamics Corp

Phase A. Immunization and Bleeding of Eight Mice
Mice and serum screening by ELISA . . . . . . . . . . . . . $1,500
Eight mice (BALB/cAnNHsd) are immunized with antigen provided by customer
according to our Standard Protocol for Immunization of Mice for Preparation of
Hybridoma lines. Serum is screened for titer by ELISA. This phase takes four to six

Phase B. Fusion and Screening of Hybridoma Supernatant
Price is for both Phase A and B . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $5,000
Upon successful completion of Phase A, selected mice will be euthanized and the
spleens harvested. A fusion procedure will be performed and the cells will be
distributed into six or eight multiwell plates (96 well) per spleen. Screening will be
performed by ELISA using previously supplied antigen.  If after the first fusion
attempt, no acceptable development is observed, additional attempts will be made
using remaining mice from Phase A at no additional charge. This phase takes six to
eight weeks.

Phase C. Cloning of Parental Hybridomas
Price is for Phase A, Phase B, and Phase C . . . . . . . $7,500
One to five of the parental hybridomas from Phase B will be selected, cloned, and
screened by ELISA. Clones with the desired titer and specificity will be expanded
and cryopreserved. At least five clones will be provided and delivered to the
customer and/or we can start In Vitro Monoclonal Antibody Production. This phase
takes four to six weeks.

Before starting Phase A, a down-payment of $3,750 is required.
The customer may stop the project after Phase A or Phase B for any reason.  
$2,250 will be refunded if project is terminated after Phase A. $1,250 will be
invoiced if the project is terminated after Phase B.
Production of Hybridoma Lines & Custom Monoclonal Antibodies
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